I am very excited to see the release of my very first book of any kind, a children’s picture book called Be brave Beatrice. The publication date is 29 January 2021. I can’t wait to see the finished product, and to hold the book in my hands.

I hope that people find the strategies that Beatrice’s father teaches her to take her ‘disgusting tasting medicine’ are helpful for other children. My daughter has found this a challenge (not so much the swallowing of the medicine, but keeping it down). I think you can guess who the inspiration for this book was, and yes, the vomit was real, only multiplied. I didn’t want to scare young children by adding all the gory details!

Thank you very much to the illustrator from Austin Macauley for doing such a wonderful job with the illustrations and for listening to my suggestions. I love the bright, vibrant colours.

I hope to be doing some newspaper interviews and a book launch in the near future, so watch this space for details of any future events.

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